Tony Staxx Dallas, TX

Release Date: November 11, 2016

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88 Proof is a prelude to a forthcoming project #PayMyMusicRespect. The theme of the of the project is a reflection of life in Tony Staxx current state and from his point of view. #88Proof is an #Epic of Drunken tales, as the old saying goes, “A drunken tongue never lies”. Tony Staxx expresses his shortcomings, lessons learned, pain and knowledge. He also flaunts his lyrical abilities over melodic and mellow tracks which accentuates his southern slang and schoolyard bully flow well. 88 Proof is a ventilation of issues with a gritty, grimey, and dark sonic sound.

Album Tracks

  • In the Kitchen

  • King Solomon

  • Wanna Be

  • VIP

  • knight Rider Grill

  • I Lie

  • Buy Now

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