Release Date: February 2, 2014

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Plex Cover Smiles II

Plex Long is Mr. Predictable aka The Mogul. The VA native wields a cunningly crafty flow that seems to always be in the pocket: like the proverbial kleptomaniac. He rhymes with the patient control of water with equally as much power. The Black Box CEO also moonlights as a Promotional Executive for Warner Brothers, shepherding the careers of many a known artist. Yet, with such an impressive track record, he is almost unbelievably humble.

That humility fuels his obsessive quest for perfection. This quest has led to five Black Box solo releases under his belt as well as multiple albums from Face the Truth and fellow Divine Sun, Diligent. His most recent release, “Smiles and Cries Volume II “boasts production from Charlie P and has garnered acclaim for his singles “The Game is Mine” and “40 Degree Day.”

While Plex openly appreciates his middle-class upbringing; happy to not have to tote guns and sell drugs, he has experienced his own share of pain when parts of that fairy tale life met with harsh realities. Ever perseverant, these tales fuel and flavor his bars. He has an uncanny understanding of the struggle, yet refuses to exploit the pain for profit. Instead, he carves a path of mature music and a predictable flow. Not in a boring sense, but in a way that his words easily stick in your mind.

Album Tracks

  • The Game Is Mine

  • 40 Degree Day

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