Gator Main Highland Hills, TX (Dallas)

Release Date: October 21, 2015

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Who Is Gator Main? If you find yourself asking that question, you have been seriously deprived! Gator reps Highland Hills, Tx and does it with ease. Upon finding out who the man is and what his infamous story is, you might wanna slap somebody for leaving you blind to the ball playa. Dig deep in his catalog of records and you will find a artist that is meticulous with his craft. A private and semi recluse person, Gator Main leaves it all on the field as any true ball player should. His current project D-Boy Diary is a collection of thoughtful, bravado and insightful lyricism that always bangs from the streets and has that head nod and rewind factor that is hard to find in today’s crowded hip-hop scene.




Album Tracks

  • American Muscle

  • The Way Of Life

  • Dry Summer

  • White Off In The White

  • Slap Somebody

  • When The Sun Go Down

  • Buy Now

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