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Release Date: July 15, 2014

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Jeron Benito Champagne Jr. better known as J Champ, is an American Rap/Hip Hop artist. He was, until recently a member of Riot Squad South(RSS) sector, founded by Rayquon Elliott AKA Stack Bundles of Riot Squad Far Rockaway in Queens, NY. In honor of his slain comrade, Champ adopted the phrase, “Gorgeous Gansta, Handsome Hustler” to carry on the legend of Stack Bundles

J Champs’ life began interesting to say the least. He was born in a Gainsville, TX prison to a Puerto Rican/Brazilian mother and a Black American father. Perfect and Jeron Benito Champagne Sr. He often makes lite of his own life by saying that he is the son of a Pimp father and a prostitute mother. All this seem to set the stage for a life that impacted his career choice.

The street knowledge of the west, the swagger of the south, and the lyrical ability of the east makes him one of the most entertaining artist to listen to.Talent beyond belief, this young artist was influenced by such artist as Stack Bundles, Crooked I, Joe Buddens, Beannie Segal, Tupac, Wu Tang and E40. The one major contributing artist that influenced his decision to start a career in this field was Kurrupt, after listening to the Dogg Food Cd.Listening to J Champ’s lyrical style, you’ll hear a taste of each of these artist mixed with his own unique blend of life’s learned experiences spit through an amazing array of versatility.

J Champ is from San Diego, CA, but resides in Fort Worth, TX. Although he is an independant artist he is also a group member and founder of “Menace League,” which consist of group members; 24seven, Young Thunder Kat, Reno Gann and the newest member Brian “Quence” Moore.

As a member of Menace League, J Champ is proving that not only is he talented and ambitious as he earns the respect of his colleagues and fans, but wise in his decisions and all of his endeavors.


In 2010 he released his solo debut mixtape, “West Coast Monster”.
In 2011 Riot Squad South released “Riot Alliance”.
In The summer of 2012, J Champ released his second solo mixtape entitled “Dope Beats & Swisha Sweets”.
Winter 2012, J Champ & his group Menace League released it’s debut mixtape, “Gladiator Rymez”

April 16, 2013 Menace League’s 2nd mixtape “Pistol Grip Poetry” was released. Also due to be released in 2013 is J Champ’s third solo mixtape “Mark of a Champion”.

Album Tracks

  • 100 Bands Ft Skitz

  • Please

  • Alert 24Seven JChamp

  • Fire My Weed Up

  • Eat ft Colby Savage

  • One Deep ft Double Kush Teezy

  • Dream Girl

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