Mr. N3IL Texarkana, Tx

Release Date: July 15, 2016

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What makes Mr.N3il so instantly lovable is his fun unassuming attitude about things. He is not in the least bit arrogant, vain, nor menacing while addressing other recording artists. He know’s that he’s good, and that’s about all that matters to him.

DALLAS – May 2, 2016 – PRLog — “I don’t think of myself as better or worse than anyone else – each one is true to their sound and their sound is a reflection of what they can best do at this time. I am not better or worse as they, nor are they to me. I am original, and they are too, we have that uniqueness in common.”

Laughingly candid, Mr.N3il continues: “Well, the name of my new single is ‘CANDY YAMS’ of which I am very proud. It really speaks to ‘grown folks, for sure’ and it sets a playfully naughty yet romantic music mood to ‘do the dance and do the swag move” – I can’t go into too much detail here, but hear it out and find it for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.”

KAME, highly Skilled and Talented Producer of CANDY YAMS, likewise states: “People are gonna love it. If they love the bouncy club thing, they are gonna love it. He (MR.N3IL) is an artist like no other, he can put together a song like no other. He chose a good song. It can become a Hiphop Classic, easily. I can see him performing it many times as his signature song. It’s definitely the return of the bouncy sound with CANDY YAMS.”

Mr.N3il – “Since I began my new promotional campaign, we have witnessed an influx of over 10,000 new followers and friends, almost overnight. The response thus far, has been very favorable and rewarding to me and my team. I see that many people who recently took to me with love, excitement, and encouragement, did so fast and I gotta say, I am very grateful to them. Seriously with this, a massive ‘thank you’ to all new friends who support me. I feel they want to see me take a huge next big step in Music and I know they are right; they will be right there with me for the full ride.” “I feel it’s time for my music to reach the people for whom it was written for. I was told that it’s my responsibility to see my dreams and talents to fruition and not stop; much the same goes for any of you hearing this. Never be held back by someone just because they can’t see what you see, in yourself. Bless them, praise them, and release them to their ways, kindly. It’s not up to them or anyone else (but the Lord) to save who does not want to be saved. Just move on from negative people. I post this all the time on my Facebook page. They’ll all follow along once they each see the Mega-train picking up steam.”

Album Tracks

  • Candy Yams

  • Candy Yams (Dirty)

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