Tes Swanks McKinney,TX

Release Date: July 10, 2014

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From the home of our very own Beyonce, 19 year old, Tes Swanks has made a name for herself in North Texas as Baby Beyonce. Tes not only has the looks, she has the charm and the moves. Tes strives to be a household name bringing fresh new music back to the music industry that has significant meanings.
Tes Swanks Toni EdJuan’e Swanks aka Tes, is an American R&B/Pop Artist, born to Pastor Tony & Felisha Swanks, October 6, 1995. Tes is originally from Houston, Tx, but currently residing in McKinney, TX. Over the years Tes developed an obsession for music. Tes entered Collin County Community College at age 16 as a freshman, majoring in music. Tes started singing and playing piano at age 6. Over the years, Tes eventually came into her own being high strong and self-sufficient. Tes, at age 13, being 5’9″, Tes begin to find comfort in modeling which would strengthen her stage presence, while performing. After majoring in music at the college, that was Tes started taken music very serious and wanted to pursue a career in the music industry. Tes has completed her first EP titled “Who Am I”, which is available on iTunes. Tes is preparing to release her next project late 2014, which will be distributed worldwide. Tes, is a solo act, which has performed and modeled at numerous events in Houston, San Antonio, Tyler, Amarillo and Dallas including Harambee Fest and Kwanzaa Fest. (Tes)When I am not writing music, I’m modeling. I love people, socializing, and I love me. I love old school music as well as new school. Good music for the healing of the soul is very scarce. I want to tap into both and bring back outstanding music.Tes is looking forward to traveling and entertaining the world in her own way and hope you will journey with us. Tes appreciate all the support. Thanks

Album Tracks

  • Under the Influence

  • Throw it up

  • 2Nite is the Nite

  • Who I Am

  • De La Cookie

  • Buy Now

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