B.I.G.P.A.C Oak Cliff (Dallas),Texas

Release Date: May 22, 2018

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B.I.G.P.A.C is an acronym for Dallas rhyme duo Best In Game, Passin’ All Competition. The two track killers are comprised of DB & Big C. In my opinion they remind ME of Outkast, not style wise, but the way they structure their song’s and the subject matter and content and flow & delivery, which is a style they have created and is matched by no one certainly in they own lane! What they do sets them far apart from the rest of competition! I’m a huge fan since their last album G14 Classified was introduced to me 2016… Dig into this page and familiarize yourself with these 2 rising artist who show that they are here to make a serious mark in the game and Welcome YOU Back 2 Dallas! (Big Rip)



NEW MUSIC FROM “Welcome Back 2 Dallas” can be streamed below as well…

Album Tracks

  • M.O.M.M.

  • May I ft Mack

  • Back At It ft Gator Main

  • Get Yo Bread Rite

  • Dat Juvie

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