Big Rip Da Manuscript

Rip Rodgers was born in Texarkana,Texas a small East Texas city in a two parent home where his father was a hard worker and solid role model. His mother was a radio personality for local radio among other job’s she held during his school years.
Rip found a love for music early on, often spinning records on his own 45 record player New Edition, Kurtis Blow & Ready For The World were some of his earliest favorite that he can remember before being formally introduced to rap & hip-hop. Rip recounts first hearing N.W.A’s Boys In The Hood as a time he will never forget! Fast Forward a few years and he found a true love for rhyme’s & beat’s mostly attributed to shows like Yo! MTV Raps and BET’s Rap City, Rip turned into a real hip-hop head.
Moving a little further along during his senior year at Texas Senior High School and working at the local Sears & Roebuck paint dept. he purchased his first pen & pad for the sole purpose of rhyme writing. It took some time for those manuscripts to turn into something worth ear’s listening to, but by the time they did Big Rip Da Manuscript was born and was being noticed in and around his city.
Rip recorded some of his first music with East Texas vet Yugz Capone & Killa Kel. He was recognized as a young talented spitter and featured several times on KZRB 103.5 with Radio Personality Ray C. His first complete studio album came to fruition in Fort Worth, Texas in 1999 recording with Derrick Gentry at GentSounds Studios. The album titled “My Application; My Resume” featured a talented crop of emcees that Rip had formed including Twisted Troopaz which spun Supa Dave who is rising producer / artist with major industry credits. Also childhood friend J. Dubb aka Squarepants got his feet wet right along side of Manuscript, Dubb later formed DMB (Dem Murphy Boyz) in Texarkana and was one of the cities rising indie labels until he was tragically murdered. His memory is carried on by his younger brother Blueshoez who also got his start with Tricoastal and those hours at GentSounds. “My Application; My Resume” taught Rip a lot about artist relations. The album had a song that was well received title “Latenight” it had regional success in SW Arkansas, Shreveport, La & East Texas. He Continued to record and do shows throughout Arkansas and North Texas until 2013 when a bout with Cancer and kidney failure stomped his efforts.

Rip bought rights and ownership to KTRI The Rhyme October 2013. Since then he has put forth a tireless effort to be at the forefront of indie radio.Concentrating on providing a licensed platform for indie artist across the country he has made a sizable dent and quite a lane for himself.Manuscripts work ethic with artist was noticed late 2014 and he was offered a job he always dreamed of. An A&R position that taught him tons of insider secrets and made him more the wiser. Although he considers himself still small, despite forging relationships with radio taste makers across the country in several different markets. Adding club promoter, party host emcee & DJ to his resume over the last few years we can expect huge things from Rip Rodgers’ KTRI The Rhyme and his affiliates.

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