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Are you disappointed & fed up with the state of hip-hop lately and worry that all is lost?  Arkansas Bo shares the same feelings as well, he poses a question to all who dare to pay attention to his social commentary and attempts to wake up these young whipper snappers.  With a question he took from a interview of his mentor & CEO of FaceMob Music Scarface “Who Stole The Soul”?  Bo opens up Who Stole… with Crowd Participation where he preaches and asks the listener, his congregation to wake up over V Dub’s choir and mesmerizing strings about today conditions from children imitating Lil Wayne, and the murder rate in Pine Bluff & Little Rock.  This is the perfect track to open Who Stole… Crowd Participation is a standout and much needed record for these days.   Justin Paul created a head nodding bed where Bo goes in straight spitting no hook on “Top Rhyming” Bo rhymes “Im Jackie Chan how I kick all this… one of the hardest, cause my hearts in it”   Track 4 “ Who Stole The Soul” the title track produced by Pimpin Keys will teleport you to a corner in the late 70’s.  Bo wonders what happen to the music and movement of KRS-One, X-Clan and others.  “So called old white jews controlling what we listen to, pollute the airways with nothing… take purity out the spirit & hand that ish back to you”  The Arkansas Vet goes on to say “ This belongs to us and we should be controlling it, destroy and rebuild and put a touch of soul in it!’  “White man got control of it all, puppet you to the top, then make you fall” Arkansas Bo has always been able to hold his congregation well with his storytelling.  I would think that is one of his gifts that FaceMob took attention too. “Young Whipper Snapper” produced by Cenematic Sauce finds Bo giving two recounts of two young lives that were lost by their own admission and going in the wrong direction.  This is MAJOR RECORD and gets my TRICOASTAL APPROVED stamp. This track alone is worth the $1.50, the asking price for the  complete album on   “Please” features Big Keys where the struggle is realized and the fact we are all just trying to survive. “You Got Me” the country rhyme slinger confesses that if your in love, then fall out of it.  “Matrimony turns to macaroni cause shit got so cheesy” and we can see why on “Around the Globe” the hook sings “Imma player baby… meeting all types of hoes…”   On “Friends with Benefits” Bo opens  the song saying that this is an oddity his feelings for this certain conquest finds him in a situation where he confesses that, I think I like you more than just in my bed. Straight out the mouth of Mr. Never Love Again.

Bo gives us one of the most artfully crafted and needed records of present day. Over a jazzy bass heavy track produced by K Dub “Black Lives Dont Matter” which features E Dubb, Touda & JP. The soulful hook could be a rally cry for all injustices that occurred to the original people.   “My skin is my flag and Im ride for it; and if I gotta got damn it, I’m die for it.”  Cenematic brings more sauce to another very thought provoking track entitled “Racism” here Bo recounts that his “…daughters go to school for teachers to tell them they were slaves,but they don’t teach before slavery when we reigned supreme, do you know what that do to they self esteem?”  Overall I give this album a first class business seat. The beats are a magnificent blend with Bo’s baritone and gift of gab.  Also the fact that this album is done with a independent budget for it to sound so great sonically makes for an even better listen.  I’m sure if you didn’t know who Stuggart, Arkansas’ proud son was, after you listen to “Who stole The Soul?” you’ll definitly want to hear more or look for him leading the revolution to make sure black lives do matter and put a little more soul back into OUR MUSIC.

Rip Rodgers

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