BaconoMix Tape

First things first, I have not felt the urge to share my thoughts about a album since September of 2015! So with that being said this album from these guys really did something to my hip-hop state of mind.
I have been aware of BACONOMICS ( MC’s HAMER, BLAZE WON & Dj/Producer WONDERBREED) for a couple years now, seen BLAZE WON in a battle or two heard a song here and there. When I saw the link to the new Mixtape last week I immediately downloaded it ( might i add its free at…. ). The artwork from this crew is always intriguing, far from run of the mill! So as i sat here in treatment this a.m.(1/21/16) I decided to unzip the files and give it listen.
Out the gate on Sweater God “the bad boy that spit facts says he’s Craig Mack & R. Kelly is back…about to pass out Quaalude’s hanging with Cosby”. The shock value and off the wall thought process they bring here is constant and kept me glued in and rewinding. Blaze confesses that groupies he *ucked probably never won a beauty pageant, but still master’s of the booty clappin’! He goes on to say he is King Kong On the mic Beating on his solar plexs… circling the square in a stolen Lexus. Track 2 Earl bOINKins comes in a 1:24 just enough to make ya neck snap from the track and Marvelous Marvin flow. I always hated when artist decided to make one of the dopest songs on the album the shortest… maybe henceforth the song title! A definite stand out. Cordon Blue’s features the homie’s Sleepy & Flashy Davis, the hook boast “I ain’t in this for the friend’s…I just wanna get my ends & I pray God have mercy on me giving all my sin’s”. The production or track selection is a perfect match to sing-songy hook and the verses from each emcee is noteworthy in a time when effort to grab listeners is often left to the producer and his soundscape, and this is only track 3. CHILLdren opens with a stomping dusty bass line and some claps or snaps that seem to come from the abyss. My ancestors built pyramids, you are not built for this… a co-sign from us, the only reason you still exist. Play make believe… I play Devil’s advocate, mastered my habitat and way’s to adapt so excuse the self entitlement… but the following statement’s was executive produced by my environment!

On Benjamin Georgian it’s horn’s and maracas only let me realize that this may be a fast-forwardless Mixtape and what may be better than bacon? The rhymes of vagina conquest and drug use is laid under skillfully crafted lyric’s. Here, even with its drug & sexual innuendo this offering is a piece of art that can hang on the walls of the Louvre. Compared to repetitive basic songs that dominate the airwaves with blatant drug & sexual escapades that are deemed rewarding and acceptable and the new normal.

Overall I give this Mixtape a 4.25 out of 5.All the tracks were produced by WONDERBREED and I am Convinced that he may be one of the most diverse and layered producers I’ve heard as of late. And as I write this i find out that these songs are considered to be throw away’s. If that’s the case it’s alot of rappers need to enroll in Hip-Hoponmic’s 101 TRICOASTAL UNIVERSITY IS ACCEPTING NEW STUDENT’S EVERY MONDAY. I am Dean, Professor & Coach.
I burned the CD and got a few tracks that will most certainly be added to The Rhyme’s playlist… Right now at this moment, I dont see any complete project I have received from indie artist coast to coast; that make me believe that there is anything better than bacon!!!

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