N.E.D. Ft Brandon Kareem “Days Like This” Prod By BigSay Beats

I’ve come to expect conscious commentary from N.E.D.
This new record “Days Like This” has the hog spitting and
walking in his purpose. The record’s production is
constructed by veteran producer Mr. Williams aka Big Say
Beats. Soulful R&B Crooner Brandon Kareem lends his
vocals to Big Say’s walking piano riffs & deep dropping
bass line. They mesh well as BK seems to plead to heaven
while the emcee tells a tale of coming of age and finding
one’s way.
Opening verse N.E.D. pleads that lately the devil’s been on
his back compacted with problems with his lady, he stays
to himself not speaking with his people much. His
conversations with The Lord keep him humble & focused on
his purpose. Listen close to what he tells his momma about
the church and the pastor. N.E.D. is woke for sure!
Second verse can be a help mate to relationships across
the globe. “what do you do when it’s a love, hate thang?”
“when you hate the fact, you love & hate the same thang”
“when ya joy bring pain” rhymes the southern gent over
Big Says claps. Giving up is not an option, this record is a
cry to youth and old dogs as well that through it all it’s a
silver lining with focus and determination to be better.
With the dumbed down sound tracks we hear every day I
like this song and what it offers & represents. N.E.D. gives
us another reason to lift our heads and stick our chest
I give this track overall 4 /5 stars
Production 4 stars
Guest vocalist 3.5 stars
Delivery of flow & content 4.5 stars
Post production 4.5 stars
Rip Rodgers

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