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Big Rip’s Music Review…
Downloaded “Daytona” this A.M. while I had time to sit still and see what the fuss was about. I agree with Slim J Peace Pbg Bighub this a masterpiece… 7 tracks of well thought out samples and lyrics that will bring attention to the Grammy Board, label offices, A&R’s, Executives and Hip Hop enthusiast throughout …😂😂😂 its funny to me cause J.Cole, Kendrick, Kayne even Jay have been showing artist the formula to make timeless music. Music that is revered way past its birth and it’s generation. Hip Hop should be treasured like the fair skins treat The Beatles, Journey, Paul McCartney and Phil Collins.
Many thought it was silly and frivolous to spend over 80k on a picture for DAYTONA artwork, but when you understand and believe that you have created what many may consider a masterpiece you understand #GoodMusic’s sense ability in doing so. And to think some of today’s indie artist have a hard time seeing the reason to invest in $40 – $100 for their own artwork 😂😂 and you know damn well ya skill level, producer’s and effort is no where near the tier of the aforementioned artist… I damn near wanted to add the whole album to The Rhyme Tricoastal Radio’s server but I only added 4. When I heard “Come Back Baby”. I Sat up in my chair and grabbed my laptop to give you my reaction. This is Hip-Hop and I am a fanatic of its greatness.
—————— Dean Manuscript

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