The Best At What??

By: TriCoastal Radio "THE RHYME"

December 19, 2015



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Hip-Hop was born with a competitive DNA, so when artist from coast to coast, city to city get into verbal spats about who’s best in their respective circles I often have to laugh. Jeezy best said it when he rhymed how he put on for his city. Jigga showed us the ultimate way to flex, by being the face of bringing Brooklyn back. Kendrick Lamar was given the key to his city. I could go on & on about artist that have had a significant & direct impact in they’re own area code. It only gets to be a little redundant when local rappers want to known as the best local rapper.                 This music business is an industry that boast  15 billion U.S. dollars in 2012, making over 30% of the total 50 billion dollars generated by the global music industry. With that statistic how much do you believe your local city contributed to that total? An even better question to ask is how much of that revenue did you receive as a working published artist?  As a advocate for indie artist throughout the world, it has become very easy to spot career driven artist and local rappers. The difference may be hard to notice with an untrained eye or a some what general knowledge of “the biz”. In my particular dwelling of North Texas we have a overwhelming abundance of talent. I receive loads of emails each week of new music that these artist are boasting as the next chart topper! Many of the songs come with no promotion, EPK or even simple artwork.  Track 5  Killing Shit    not tagged and certainly not coded, copy-written or registered with their PRO. Big Rip what I gotta do to get this in rotation?                                          Straight from the studio to the next weekly showcase or open mic. Or maybe it’ll be featured on the new CD or this is rare but in some cases even pushed to online blogs sites, magazines, internet & college radio for campaign runs. Many forgo the latter and go straight to the strip club pop a few bottles and stunt in front of a house full of THOT’s and trap boys in a effort to break the song and impress they’re peers. Shoot the video and you cant tell em nuttin. They on now, laughable!

I started spinning CALIFORNIA by COLONEL LOUD over a year ago, I came across it in one of the DJ Pools I’m in, saw the artwork played it and fell in love with the record. It featured Memphis’ Young Dolph & Ricco Barrino ONLY! Here recently it has caught on nationally and taken off by being reworked with a stunning opening verse from ATL’S own self proclaimed king T.I.  I only mentioned that to say how long some great records must be worked and the time and money it often takes for even proven artist to be LISTED OR MENTIONED as being a pillar of their cities music scene. I’m sure Colonel Loud expected the record skyrocket out the gate; proven that hard work and a budget will be rewarded…

Not once do many consider small promotional tours, sending music to DJ’s out side they own market or most importantly as I stated earlier getting the business side in order, which would help them see a real piece of that 50 million dollars made by registered working ARTIST. This may have been a little long and drawn out just to say “BRO YOU AINT DID SHIT”! I can mix & bake a Betty Crocker cake but that doesn’t make me Chef Duff of Charm City Cakes!

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